Atlanta. The newest member of the Porsche family is the hotly anticipated Rasentraktoren. This is the first time Porsche is introducing a sports lawn tractor, combining elements of the past, present, and future in one model. Our newest product is capable of mowing the grass at the Nurbürgring Nordschleife in under 37 minutes and 40 seconds, setting the new benchmark at the top of the premium riding lawn tractor market segment.

Time Speed Distance Rally Tips: Staying On Course

The first rule of rallying is to stay on course. If you stay on course, you can find the
finish. If you can find the finish, you can find the post-rally party. The second rule of
rallying is to stay on time. If you stay on time, you can win the rally, or at least place
high enough to give you bragging rights at the post-rally party.

Fan Belt Replacement On Your Air-Cooled 911

One of the most important tasks in maintaining your 911 is the proper replacement and tensioning of the fan belt. If the belt and pulley are not properly attached, it can come loose and stop the cooling action of the fan on the motor. If you don’t happen to notice the temperature gauge or the alternator lamp illuminate, then you may overheat and destroy your engine! Needless to say, the fan belt is very important.








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