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Top 10 Reasons

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toptenReasons to Attend a Drivers’ Ed Event at VIR in 2011

10. The May DE is the weekend before Memorial Day! So this year, your wife won’t eradicate you for abandoning her on a holiday. (May 20-22nd).

9. Better yet…bring your wife to the Single-Session-DE-Intro on the track for only 50 bucks.

8. Prove once and for all that your Porsche is faster than your buddy’s BMW.

7. You could bring your car to the tech line with all your stuff in the trunk and get to hear Chris Stanley (our trusty Tech Chair) yell at you.

6. You can brag about how you went to “the track” in front of all your office friends.

5. You can find out which car John Carey will bring next to the track.

4. You can keep your local race prep shops in business.

3. You might get to see our new co-registrar, Kevin, work harder at cleaning his car than driving on the track.

2. In September, you can do it all again with 2 days on the South Course and 1 day on the Full Course (Sept 24-26)

1. …and the #1 reason to come to VIR this year …

See if Don Bryant is really a better cook than he is a driver at the September Cookout! Attention… food will not be overly “spun” like his driving!

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