TopGolf Fore Horizons

Event Date: 

Sunday, March 25, 2018 - 15:00

TopGolf in Virginia Beach.

Come on out and help us support Horizons Hampton Roads for their first annual TopGolf Fundraiser in Virginia Beach (5444 Greenwich Rd.) on Sunday, March 25th from 3 to 7PM. The “tournament” combines state-of-the-art golfing technology with competitive fun and great entertainment - all while raising money for a worthy cause.

First of all, this has little to do with golf. Think about it as going to a sports bar with friends to enjoy food and drink in a very casual atmosphere. The difference is that you have something to do besides eat and watch TV. That something is to whack golf balls on a high-tech, scored range in a friendly, competitive environment and laugh at the swings of the other teams... All while supporting the kids in the Horizons program.

Okay…. it does involve golf clubs and competition, but it’s really about enjoying the company of your FSR friends while raising money for a great cause. The point is, you don’t have to be a golfer to have fun.

FSR has reserved spots for 12 players on two teams. There are also spectator tickets available if you’d prefer to cheer your team on from the sidelines.

The cost of registration is $180 per person to swing a club and $75 for spectators. All include a Mexican buffet, beverages, two adult beverage drink tickets and plenty of comradery and golf stories!

Since we're concentrating our charity efforts on the FSR Habitat for Heroes home, this is our only event this year dedicated to supporting Horizons Hampton Roads. So we encourage you to come out and make it count! We'll be back on track with our normal support program next year.







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