Lego is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and successful toys of all time, and it seems like an...

U.S. manual fans helped convince Porsche to stick with the stick.

Please join us for our Spring 2018 Drivers Education (DE) at VIR in Alton, VA. We will be...

by Melinda Cagle

Every Porsche owner has a story where he or she saw a particular car and...

By Kevin Pirkle

As a kid, I was always enamored with the 911. I contracted the disease at...

"At least, that's what the man who developed it told us."

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The original West Coast version of the popular Werks Reunion relocates near Laguna Seca


This panorama shot shows the Karrussel

Dominion Raceway’s Road Course is 2 miles in length. The Road Course is a minimum of 36’ wide...

By Frank Gorse

Fair warning: this story has little to do with Porsches. Actually, it has...


We are proud to offer the First Settlers Region Apparel to all members. The clothing we wear and...


No matter where you call home, there is PCA...


About This Campaign The First Settlers Region Porsche Club of America and...



2019 Executive Council

Please join me in congratulating your 2019 Executive Council!
President Melinda Cagle
Eastern Vice President Phil Grandfield
Western Vice President Mike Ball
Secretary Ed Merry
Treasurer John Schwaebler
Activities Officer Vince Canepa
Thank you to everyone who voted!

Horizontally Opposed - Winter 2019

Horizontally Opposed - Fall 2018

FSR Membership Statistics

The First Settlers Region of the Porsche Club of America is composed of almost 700 active members. The graphs below provide interactive data visualization related to our region's membership, where we are and what we drive.


New Porsche 911 GT3 will have optional manual transmission and 500-hp flat six

Sports car enthusiasts may rejoice, because the manual transmission lives on in the revised 991-2-generation Porsche 911 GT3. Drivers may once again opt for three pedals and a six-speed gearbox to make forward motion with a powerful naturally aspirated flat six, Porsche announced this morning at the Geneva International Motor Show. Or, they can go with the standard seven-speed PDK automatic.

Top 5 Best Classic Porsche Bargains - Project Porsche Ep. 1

Top 5 Best Classic Porsche Bargains - Project Porsche Ep. 1

Watch This Video Before You Go on a Track Day

Driver’s Education (DE) events allow us to learn more about our Porsches, to learn more about ourselves and, above all, to have fun. You’ll learn the rudiments of performance driving in a safe, controlled, and non- competitive environment and be able to use the experience to improve your safety and driving ability on the street. In fact DE events are one of those rare enjoyable things in life that aren’t illegal, immoral or fattening. You’ll learn, at first, that the limits to how you drive are your’s and not your Porsche’s.







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