That is what you call a sunny Saturday tour with some neat twisty roads especially chosen for Porsches, lots of camaraderie, and a tour at the end of one of the most famous mansion in Colonial America. For 26 Porsches and 46 members, this was the First Settler's Region Fall Fun Run. Afterward, most agreed it was almost perfect.
It began with a robust breakfast at Victoria's in Williamsburg. After a driver's meeting which stressed safety and each car getting a handout with instructions and confirming landmarks, the Porsches broke into groups of about 8 cars and headed wEST. The route was about 56 miles long with over 40 miles of Porsche curves.
The destination was Berkeley Plantation overlooking the James River. This destination was chosen for the ladies but is a great location for anyone with an interest in American history. Berkeley was the home of our 9th president: William Henry Harrison. Dating from 1726, Berkeley hosted George Washington as well as the first nine presidents. It is a great example of the Georgian style of architecture with over ten acres of formal boxwood gardens. Berkeley is furnished in the period of President Harrison with numerous exquisite antiques.
History abounds at Berkeley. On December 4th, 1691, early settlers from England came ashore at Berkeley and observed the first official Thanksgiving in the “New World”. This event was almost a full year before the Mayflower pilgrims celebrated their Thanksgiving in Massachusetts. The Berkeley Plantation was the headquarters for the Federal Army during the Civil War in 1862. The famous evening bugle call known as "Taps" was composed here in 1862. The Berkeley Plantation can properly be called America's most historic plantation.
A special thanks goes to Jim and Diane Liedman plus Jim McCormack for checking the route. Thanks to Bret Jacobson with the administration. Finally, Ed Merry, Lauren Weber and Lee Eason who scouted out suitable paved twisty roads.
An almost perfect day; great weather, wonderful twisty roads, a historic terminus and lots of camaraderie. Plus any day driving a Porsche is a very good day. Almost everyone enjoyed this outing except for one Boxster that had mechanical problems. This surprised us as we have come to depend on Porsche's dependability and perhaps take it for granted. So almost perfect fun run. Drive Safe!

Ed Merry








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