Drivers Education (DE) Committee

The PCA driver education program is the most popular program in PCA. The sporting nature of the Porsche automobile and the ability to drive it at speed attracts Porsche drivers to these type of events. These participants, as well as the Club, have expectations that the DE event will be organized and conducted with the consideration of safety for all the people at the event. It is estimated that 20,000 drivers participate in the PCA Driver Education program annually.

The purpose of the FSR DE Committee is to help disseminate the information learned from the established programs to the participants. A set of Minimum Standards is used as a basic set of rules upon which we have built our regional DE program.


Marco Estrada - DE Chair

Tim Ashbridge - Chief Track Instructor

Scott Hoffman - DE Registrar

John Kopp - Past DE Chair

Chris Stanley - Chief Safety Inspector 

Alan Wilhite - Pit/Grid Marshall

John Schawbler - Safety Inspector

Mark Hugel - Region Safety Chair










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