Follow Your FSR DE Track Day Schedule Live

At our September HPDE at Virginia International Raceway (VIR), the First Settlers Region DE Committee launched the beta version of our new HPDE Web App TrackKeeper.

The TrackKeeper web app displays current time, the Run Group currently “On Track”, the run group that is “Up Next”, track breaks, all with easy to identify color graphics – all in real time.
TrackKeeper also displays the full day’s schedule by Run Groups. This schedule automatically updates itself as the on track activities progress through out the day displaying only time relevant information.

TrackKeeper is a live online -at the track- schedule, compatible with all current smart phones, tablets and other web devices. No more missed announcements or lost paper schedules. TrackKeeper is always available online during track days and is always up to date with the latest schedule changes.
The DE Committee still plans on having announcements and paper schedules available, however TrackKeeper is a high tech, easy way to make sure you are always up-to-date.
As with any beta software release, this is not the final version of the web app. Suggestions for changes were received and implemented during the fall HPDE event, and the suggestions box is still accepting inputs to be incorporated for our next event.
Special thanks go out to Stefani Werner, our volunteer software developer, for all her hard work in creating TrackKeeper. Although she is not a PCA member (yet), we hope one day soon she will be. The good news is that Stefani tried our “DE Intro” event at our Fall HPDE; our sources tell us that she may be hooked.

The TrackKeeper (beta) Web App can be accessed from any web-enabled device by pointing your browser to the link below.








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